Aldwin Quenum Cho

98 Revelstoke Crescent

Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4T4

(647) 627-6608

Technical Skills


Programming Languages: C++/C#

Software Experience: Visual Studio 2010/2013, Ogre3D, Havoc, Unity, Microsoft Office, FMOD Ex, Tortoise HG, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop


Previous Project Experience

Infectus (Android/iOS) 2014-2015

Roles: Game Designer

A 3D tower defense, educational, cell biology game, where the player must protect their nucleus from attacking viruses.


Eagle Eye (PC) 2015

Roles: Game Designer/Level Designer

A 3D top-down, rail controlled camera, shooter, where the player is in an AC130 that must protect a convoy on the ground by shooting the enemy trucks that come close to the convoy. 


Ironheart (PC) 2014

Roles: Game Designer/Level Designer

A multiplayer, 3rd person, tank themed shooter where enemies fight each other in an arena. 


Bullet Devil (PC) 2012-2013

Roles: Game Designer/Gameplay Programmer

A bullet hell game where the player must fight through waves of enemies to reach the end of the level.




University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) - Oshawa, Ontario                                         

  • Bachelor of Business and Information Technology                                                            2011-2015

    • Majored in Game Development and Entrepreneurship​​