Current Projects

Project E

Project E is a personal project I am currently working on with a group of friends. This game is an action RPG where the player will fight through a wave of enemies, and the player's goal is to make it to the end in one piece.


Role: Programmer, Designer

Past Projects


Infectus is a tower defense game, where the player grows their own cell and defends it from viruses. This was a capstone project from my school (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) in collaboration with Evolutis Technologies. 

Role: Game Designer, Programmer


Ironheart is a multiplayer, arena, tank combat game where the player's goal is to eliminate the enemy tank.

Role: Game Designer, Programmer

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye is a top down, rail, shooter, where the player shoots down enemy vehicles, while protecting the allied vehicle. The game was played with the Tobii eyeX eye tracker where the player aims with their eyes.

Roles: Programmer